Input your  basic informations on our site , Names , Contact Address with Zip code.type of car and usage.

We have many owners in our database who want to rent their cars to you, our agents will send you  available cars in your neighborhood according to your requests immediately to pick from.

Once you make your choice of available car, You will send in 3 referees name and numbers for recommendation, and emergency contacts,  you pay online , $200 security Deposit +2days Minimum (Payment will not be charged until you pick up car)your Insurance and other required documents will be sent to you.

You will be given the contact and location to pick up your car. Show your drivers licence to the owner to confirm you are the right person.Be polite and nice to avoid bad rating. Snap photos of car body condition,mileage and fuel level,send a copy to us by e-mail [email protected]. Pick up car from owner and enjoy your ride (Our owners respond in less than 3 hrs and hand over within an hour in your neighborhood).

  • FURTHER PAYMENTS : Make daily rate or weekly payments as Agreed on payment section. (24 hrs late payment attracts 10%, 3 days non payments Cancels contract)
  • RENEW CONTRACT : You May renew your contract by extending days. long term renters will drive to car owners monthly in CLEAN CONDITION to see before renewal(No money must be owed, to get renewal)
  • MAINTENANCE : Basic services like oil change, break pads changing, will be reimbursed at reasonable costs by owners, except they insist they want to service themselves. Get the confirmation of Owner before any services.Please report major mechanical issue promptly to the owner. We will change car for you immediately if available in your area.
  • RETURNING THE CAR : Car must be returned back to the owner or Agent at mutually agreed location and time. DO NOT DROP KEY IN THE CAR IN A LOCATION OF YOUR OWN, unless owner ask you to park in specific place. We are quick to report ABANDONMENT as STOLEN VEHICLE to law enforcement agents. Do not embarrass your referees.
  • INSURANCE :Call the number assigned to you for road side assistance. Owner should be contacted where to tow car to.Private renters renting less than a month may pay more for collision insurance. .Save money when you have your own insurance
  • OUR "RENT TO OWN PROGRAM": After some time,(3 months min) of renting  ,you may wish to buy the car from the owner. GOOD or BAD Credit, if you rent regularly without missing Payments, our owners, mostly dealers will sign  "RENT TO OWN PROGRAMME'  Agreement with you ,this is healthy as they you be capable to pay,and be responsible for maintenance.



Input detailed information of your car with  photographs, of front , rear, sides, dash board and interiors . (the clearer your photographs, the more Renters like your car) ,Current 19 points inspection from a certified mechanic workshop(3 months maximum),and your state inspection certificate if car is for Uber or any other Ride share business.

             We have Renters in our database, looking to rent your car, A screened Driver will be assigned to you in your neighborhood, arrange a suitable time and place to meet. CONFIRM THE IDENTITY, get printed copies of your  insurance certificate, car registration, and inspection certificates ready to show your driver,and keep in your glove compartment.
  Take photos of any exterior dent visible, present car mileage and gas level on the dash board  of your car and keep for your records.

  • GET PAID: We pay you weekly, 90% of Rental cost to you when you have full insurance, and 70% when you have only your states mandatory liability insurance.
  • INSURANCE: Most states laws require car owners to have minimum liability insurance. DO NOT ADD DRIVERS NAME ON YOUR INSURANCE . If you carry a full insurance, be sure you sign up for road side assistance.  (Earn more money on your car, when you carry your full insurance)
  • MAINTENANCE: Your drivers could be allowed to do basic services, like oil change, breaks etc. You may direct them to your trusted nearby service workshops. We pay them upon your approval.
  • CONTRACT RENEWAL: Short term Renters (Private) May extend their Rentals up to 30 days. After which a new contract is required.
    Long Term renters (commercial-Uber etc.) must rent minimum of 30 days, drive car to you to see and test drive for renewal  every month, In clean condition for contract approval.  You may terminate rental contract. if you do not wish to continue.
  • RETURNING CAR: Car must be returned to you in good clean condition at the end of contract.  Damages must be reported with photographs by e-mail to [email protected] . Most insurance companies will not pay for minor dents as they are considered  part of wear and tear. Please report Any major dent wider than 1 ft. to your  insurance company or to us if we carry Your collision.
  • OUR "RENT TO OWN PROGRAM": After some time  of renting out ,you may wish to sell your car to a long term diligent  Renter ,who has proved credibility by paying rents regularly, through our  "RENT TO OWN PROGRAM' , this is considered  healthy as they will be capable to pay regularly,and be responsible for maintenance.